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Mmmmmm Make Franchy All Betters Date: Jun 27th @ 5:16am EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies.

How have you all been? I really miss you all and hope you missed me too mmmmm ya. I myself have been going through a lot which is why I haven't been online. I'm sorry about that naughty Lads and Laadies. Nevertheless life happens you just have to learn to dance in the rain at times. I will be on today. Cum and say hi and see how I'm doing mmmmmm ya. Sending you all sweet Franchy kisses muahahahhahahahaha.
Franchy I'm back! Date: May 27th @ 3:57pm EDT
Hi naughty lads and laadies.

I will be back on your screens on this Saturday. I can't wait to see you. I have been camming and working harder overall. Still working on doing it on this site though. I have been thinking of ways to improve your naughty experiences. Please let me know any of your naughty suggestions. How have you all been? I hope you all been good. If you wanted to know about my off cam adventures my twitter is the best way to stay in touch. For instance I'm going on my daily walk after this post follow my twitter for more.

Franchy Rose
Franchy Says Thank You See You Soon. Date: Apr 26th @ 1:30pm EDT
Hi naughty lads and laadies. I was gone for a bit because I was on my women issues and had a headache before. Guess what I have great news though I will be back on Wednesday to play with my sweet tight pussy for you all. As some of you may know that it has been 2 years since I last had sex playing and cumming live for you all is the only kind of sex that I get lately. I wanted to say thank you for taking me private and watching me cum. I have been here for a year now and I really like hanging with my naughty lads and laadies. Have a great day see you on Wednesday mmmmmm ya. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahahhahahahahahah.
Franchys Long, Long Cum Back Date: Apr 6th @ 2:28pm EDT
Hello naughty lads and laadies. Franchy where have you been? Sorry my naughty lads and laadies I know I have been gone for a while. Things have been really crazy recently. I know I sound like a broken record but it is true I'm working on my consistency and commitment to you all. If you guys follow my twitter (if you don't please do) then you know that my camera is currently not working and I'm working on that diligently. Nevertheless as I can't wait to see my naughty lads and laadies any longer so I will be using my other cam to composite. Which means (drum roll) I will be back on Tuesday to play with my sweet tight pussy for you all mmmm ya. See you, you sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahhahahahahahahhaahahah.
Franchys Surreal Comeback Date: Mar 18th @ 3:59pm EDT
Hello naughty lads and laadies.

Sorry I've been gone for a while as I've been sick. First it was my women issues then I caught a cold I just wasn't my normal Franchy self. I know I have said I will be working on my consistency and I'm. Nonetheless there are certain situations of which not of my control. I thank you for your patience and understanding. My twitter is really a good way to stay in contact with me when I'm off line so follow me on that and stay in touch. Moreover for those affected by the Conoravirus you got my deepest sympathy and I hope you get better soon. Finally some good news be back on cam today playing with my sweet tight pussy mmmmm ya.
Franchy Says See You Love You. Date: Feb 28th @ 6:00am EST
Hello naughty Lads!

My woman issue has come between us again. So I will be gone for a bit. Nonetheless I'm available on the flirt phone if you miss me too much and just want to hear my voice. What are some naughty things you would like me see me do on cam when I return? Any fantasies you want to reveal? Follow me on Twitter and Snapchat to see what I'm up to when I'm not online. It's been a year and yes I'm working on my consistency. Have a lovely Friday all! Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahahahahhahahahahahahaah.

Another Naughty Franchy Check In. Date: Feb 25th @ 5:18pm EST
Hi naughty lads and laadies!

Just wanted to check in and say thank you for all the naughty support I have been getting lately. After all it is because of you all that I'm able to live my dream and work primarily from home. Additionally there is the added bonus of playing with my sweet tight pussy for you all. As you know I always want you to cum and it is my pleasure that we can cum together mmmmmmm ya. Some of you been contacting me and wanting to know me better well my Fan Club is design just for that. I promise to work more on it mmmmm ya. I will be back tomorrow as I needed some rest today. Hope you all are well see you naughty lads and laadies tomorrow byeeeee. Muahahhahahaah sweet Franchy Kisses for you.
Franchys Naughty Entrance Mmmmm Ya. Date: Feb 16th @ 3:25pm EST
Hello naughty lads and laadies,

As promise I will be on cam today as promised however I will be officially back on here tommorow. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder is that true? Prove it. Prepare to give me a warm welcome tommorow. Imagine you spraying my face with your warm cum mmmmm ya yummy. I will be sure to have my legs spread and my pussy will be wet and ready for my naughty entrance mmmm ya. Seeee you naughty lads and laadies.

Franchy Rose
Save Some Valentines Candy For Franchy Date: Feb 10th @ 10:53am EST
Hello Naughty lads!

I was really looking forward to the valentines promotion on here. I just couldn't wait to see what gifts of hearts I had waiting for me. Moreover I just couldn't wait to spend the lovely holiday playing with my sweet tight pussy for you all. Nonetheless my women problems apparently wanted in on some naughty fun as well so I wont be on for a bit. Don't worry I will still be thinking about you my naughty lads and playing with my tight pussy. By the way how are you all? I hope during this season of love you are not alone. Remember I always want you to cum. See you soon naughty lads mmmmm ya.

Franchy Rose
Franchys Wellness Cumback Date: Jan 27th @ 9:18pm EST
Hello naughty lads it has been a while. I've missed my naughty lads a lot actually. It's such a turn on you watching me cum online and playing with my sweet tight pussy. Remember I always want you to cum too. Mmmmm imagine you cumming all over my pretty face. Sorry I haven't been online for a bit I have been unwell can't wait for you to make me all better mmmmmm ya.

Franchy Rose
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