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Franchy The Naughty Magician Will Be Back Date: Oct 5th @ 1:21am EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies. How have you all been? I have been ok just missed playing with my sweet tight pussy for you all. Just been experiencing my women issues longer then expected and going through a few other things as well. I did not want to go live under these naughty circumstances ya. I hope you can understand ya. Franchy Rose is a naughty disappearing magician that always cum back and pleases your hard cock mmmmmm ya. Stay tune for my naughtiest cum back ever ya.
A Franchy Gone Now But Not Forever Date: Sep 2nd @ 9:24pm EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies.

Looks like my women issues has come between me camming again so I will not be camming as of now. I will keep you updated and will be back to camming as soon as I'm able to ya. If you can't wait for sweet naughty Franchy feel free to message me and my flirt phone is always on mmmmmmmmm ya. Just to let you know I really miss my naughty Lads and Laadies just need to care for my sweet tight pussy. My health always comes first. I will be back as soon as I can mmmmmmmmm ya. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahaahahahahahahahahhaahah.
A Franchy Good Morning Date: Aug 31st @ 12:39pm EDT
Franchys Naughtiest Cumback Date: Aug 24th @ 2:24am EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies! How are you? I'm well back to my naughty self mmmmmmmmm ya. I hope you are good and you are feeling horny for my sweet tight pussy. Mmmmmm I have some good sweet naughty news for you. I will be back on cam later today. Wont you cum and keep me company? I certainly hope so mmmmmmmmm ya.

A Very Horny Franchy Message For You Ya Date: Aug 18th @ 4:30pm EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies! How are you all? To be honest I have been unwell due to me experiencing my women issues. I will try to be live again as soon as possible. I miss my naughty Lads and Laadies. You know the strangest thing naughty Lads and Laadies? I have been so horny even though I'm unwell. Seriously I'm always horny. Lol is that something I should discuss with my doctor oh what? Anyways just a quick update to let you guys know what have been going on in my Franchy life. Have a blessed day or night as always. Muahahhaahhaahah sending you sweet Franchy kisses ya.
A What's Up Franchy? Date: Aug 11th @ 2:31pm EDT
Hello naughty Lads and Laadies! How are you this beautiful day? I hope you all are fine and well. As for myself I'm ok can't really ever complain. Life is far to short to. I have learned to appreciate every breath that I take no matter what ya. For example, with us being in these very uncertain times. Well on that note I will be live today. If for some reason that changes I will let you know. In the mean time I will be out and about enjoying the sun. Of course I will wear some sunscreen ya. Enjoy the rest of your day naughty Lads and Laadies. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

Franchy Rose
Never Gone Forever Franchy Date: Aug 9th @ 2:25pm EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies! Have you missed Franchy? Franchy missed you! What have I been up to that I haven't been online? Well been working in Long Island and was resting taking care of my apartment. Nevertheless my naughty Lads and Laadies are never too far away in my mind. Hope you all are having an amazing day ya.

Franchy Rose
Thank you Seriously Date: Jul 24th @ 4:26pm EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies! How are you? Well to be honest I haven't been feeling well. You know what that means my woman issues are making their grand entrance. She is such a drama queen right? So soon I will be taking a couple days off I will let you know when that is. The good news is I'm feeling better so I will try to log on today. Have a lovely day mmmmmm ya.

Franchy Rose
Franchys Pleasure Try Again. Date: Jul 15th @ 12:23pm EDT
Hi naughty Lads and Laadies!

How are you? I'm good really can't complain. How's everything going thus far? I'm doing ok really can't grumble my bad day lullaby. Last week I was on my woman issues and in Long Island New York doing some work. The commute was so long that I was so unbelievable tired. Nevertheless I made it and am back to camming this week until my women issues inevitably starts again. Today I was log on for a bit then got log out and was unable to log on again. I will try to log on on an other day to see. I really have missed you all. Hope you have missed me too mmmmmmmmm ya.

Franchy Life Musings Date: Jun 28th @ 9:28pm EDT
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